Core crew

Daniel Fowler-Prime


Has over 20 years’ experience in events as a stunt rider with an interest in board sports, Daniel created the concept of horseboarding and with help of his team, developed this concept in to the international arena spectacle it is today.

Ann-Marie Fowler

Founder & Board Member

Ann-Marie is an integral part of the sport.

Leila Graves

Chief Referee for the UK &  International 

Leila has been involved with Horseboarding since 2011. She one of the core group in Horseboarding and is a well respected member of the HBUK family.


Thomas Fowler-Prime


Thomas has been involved in Horseboarding from its inception. 


Anita Walker

Chief Pit Referee & Board Member

Anita the official Pit Referee in the UK. Having competed with her team Russian Roulette, she is another core group member of the HBUK family, respected and feared by all.


Lloyd Crabb

Training Centre Manager

Lloyd & his partner Sarah Ebbs run the south west training centre with his wealth of knowledge. He also competes during the season with his team Limited Edition.