Horseboarding Explained

Horseboarding is an equestrian sport in which a rider on a horse tows a board rider on a mountain board.

The board rider is towed by holding a handle attached to a rope no longer than 10 metres length, which itself is attached to the horse\'s saddle by means of a small harness, with a quick release mechanism for safety.

Horseboarding is a multi discipline sport, which tests the skills of both the horse rider and the board rider.

The horse rider must be in total control of their horse, in order to maintain correct speed, position and acceleration to keep the board rider stable on his board.

The board rider must be able to constantly read and interpret the speed and position of the horse in order to keep himself on the board. Constant communication between the horse rider and the board rider is an essential part of the sport.

The horse rider, their horse, and the board rider compete as one team, in either one, or both, of the two competitive disciplines.

In Arena Horse Boarding, teams negotiate a series of 'gates' around a complex twisting course, against the clock.

Prizes are also awarded to the horseboarding teams gaining the overall fastest time, and highest speed in each event.

The National Horseboarding Championship is organised by Horseboarding UK, and held annually each Summer, in a series of competitions at various venues, with points awarded according to placings in each discipline - see details of the 2017 Horseboarding Season.