Our History

Once Upon a Time

The birth of Horseboarding

Horseboarding UK was founded in 2012 by brothers Daniel Fowler-Prime and Thomas Kilroy but it was in 2004 in the heart of Cornwall where the now growing sport first took shape.


In 2004 Daniel Fowler-Prime (pictured left) was training horses for a friend in Cornwall when one quiet evening after a long day of training they decided to tie a mountainboard behind a car.

As a keen skater and experienced horseman, the question "could you attach a rope and board to a horse?" was first raised. During the rest of the year Daniel and his brother Thomas Kilroy experimented with the idea of towing a board behind a horse and did successfully achieve their aim, and in 2004 the first ever mountainboard was towed behind a horse, as far we know.

In early 2005 Daniel was commissioned to do a trick riding photo shoot on a beach in Cornwall and hoped to get some pictures of the thus far unnamed Horseboarding in the beach as well. However, Daniel forgot his mountainboard.

Undeterred he walked into a local surf shop and managed to convince the store manager, Matt Smith to come to the photo shoot with a mountainboard and wake-board. It was here that Horse-Surfing was born. 

The Horse-surfing photos were picked up by the press and by the end of 2005 the photos of the "crazy English guys!" had been seen across the globe.

Daily express.jpg


(The Daily Express 2005)


In 2006 the first Horse-Surfing competition was held in La Baul, in France, organised by Harold Quintes. Part of that competition was the first Horseboarding Drag race. Harold and Daniel spoke many times about the development of the sports and in 2008 the first Horse-Surfing and Horseboarding Drag-race competition was held at the Skegness X-fest. The competition was ran under the rules of the Extreme Horse Riding Association, Set-up and ran by Daniel.

2009 saw the first ever National Horseboarding Championship across the country and featured at Nass Extreme Sports Festival. Unfortunately the championship only consisted of 3 events due to lack of funds. The second National Championships didn't occur until 2011 with 5 competitions across the country. In 2012 the third National Championships was held with 7 events sponsored by 8th Day UK, with a total £1000 prize money over the season. 


With the popularity of the sport growing rapidly, Dan and his brother Tom Kilroy formed a dedicated organisation to develop the sport and take it forward, Horseboarding UK.


Under this banner, 2013 was horseboarding's biggest season to date. It included eight events, held over eighteen days of competition, with prize money totalling £6,000. It features competitions in the two standard disciplines, the Drag Strip (a 100 metre dash), and Arena Boarding (negotiating a series of "gates" around a course, against the clock) to find one National Horseboarding Champion.