Equipment You Need

Before you utilise horsepower in a whole new way there are a few bits of essential equipment you need to keep things safe for horse, horse rider and even the boarder.

  • Horse Rider Safety belt & Safety Leash

  • HBUK Saddle Harness

  • All Terrain Board

  • Rope & Handle with quick release

  • Horse-Rider & Boarder Helmets

  • Safety Goggles

Horseboarding International

Basic Set-Up

Let's Get Rolling

Horse Rider Safety Belt & Safety Leash

The Safety Belt & Safety leash are part of the saddle harness system. 

The belt goes around the horse riders waist and the 3 pin release shackle attaches to the D-ring on the belt. The other 1 pin snap shackle is attached to the D-ring on the Saddle harness.

This creates an easy and safe release of the rope from the saddle. If the horse rider should fall off the rope is automatically released from the saddle as well.

This system is compulsory in all Horseboarding International & Horseboarding UK events & competitions.

Horseboarding Equipment

​HBUK Saddle Harness

The Saddle harness or S.A.L.T Harness Mk3 is a specially designed system made to fit most saddles.


The S.A.L.T Harness uses the strength of the saddles tree to minimise pull on the horse. 

Both the rope and safety belt attach to the D-ring on the back of the harness.

Horseboarding harness

Rope & Handle with quick release

Using a static rope is essential as it stops the rope from recoiling towards the horse rider and horse should the boarder fall off.

Horseboarding UK recommends a static rope with a water-ski handle. where the rope is attached to the saddle a 3 pin release shackle is also added for ease when attached the rope before a run during competition. 

All ropes will be checked and must meet required standards of horseboarding International & Horseboarding UK in any events or competitions. 

All Terrain Board

If your wanting to be a boarder in Horseboarding then an 'All Terrain Board' or Mountainboard definitely goes on the essential equipment list. 

What board you choose to ride comes down to your personal preference but we would recommend that you find one with spring trucks and heal straps to keep your feet on the board at all times when Horseboarding.


Safety Goggles

It is compulsory for all boarders to wear eye protection when at any Horseboarding International & Horseboarding UK event or competition.

All you need is a pair of kite marked safety glasses to compete. 

When racing horses can send mud and other things from the rear end at the boarder and to navigate a course you need to see where your going and we would like you to keep being able to see where your going.


Horse-Rider & Boarder Helmets

Helmets are compulsory in any Horseboarding International & Horseboarding UK event or competition.